If you are applying for University you should be working on your Personal Statement now!
  • Make sure you are registered on UCAS apply - the link is below.
  • Make sure you have given pink reference sheets to all relevant teachers.
  • Make sure you get that Personal Statement to your Guidance teacher asap!
  • Personal Statement help is at the bottom of the page!
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Important Deadlines
Completed applications, including a reference, should be sent to UCAS by the following dates.
  • 16 October 2017 - application deadline for
    the receipt at UCAS of applications for all medicine, dentistry, veterinary
    medicine and veterinary science courses and for all courses at the universities
    of Oxford and Cambridge.

    16 January 2018 - application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications
    for all courses except those listed above with a 15 October deadline, and art
    and design courses with a 24 March deadline.

    25 March 2018 - application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for art and design courses except those listed with a 16 January deadline.
Useful Links
Personal Statement - Use this guideline to help you write your Personal Statement.

A very simple plan:
Introduction - Be enthusiastic, state clearly that you want to study this subject and in general terms why.
Paragraph 1 - Outline your school studies, focusing on what you enjoy most and what is most relevant to this course.
Paragraph 2 - Expand to include any school service, club membership, volunteering etc
Paragraph 3 - Explain what you do in the community that relates to this application.
Conclusion - Return to the point atarted in your introduction. Emphasise that you really want to do this course and explain more specifically why - possibly including your further ambitions.

Make sure you do your Personal Statement in Word - when you have made a rough copy, email it to your Guidance Teacher for help in getting it just right!
Guidance email addresses -

Scottish Qualifications UCAS Points Tariff - Check you have enough points for your course here.

BBC Loan Calculator - Work out how you much you will need to pay back!