Life Beyond Hawick High School
One day soon you will be leaving home - are you ready?
Use This Template To Write A CV

Whether you go to college next year or not:
Individually or in small groups you need to research and make a powerpoint presentation on the following things.

Things we need to know:
Borders College costs / bursary etc. (Full Bursary £93.03 per week)
Minimum Wage for under 21's (35hr week = £135.45)
Living Wage
Activity Agreement
Accomodation costs in Hawick don't forget - furniture, cost of electricity/gas, internet, decorating, flooring, sleeping, TV, (satellite?, TV licence), audio equipment for music, laptop/PC/MAC, washing machine, heaters, tumbledryer, fridge-freezer, cooking equipment, storage. How do you get these things? How do you pay for them? Make a list with prices/ideas
Shopping costs - food, clothes, cleaning materials, etc.
Mobile phone costs?
Transport Costs - public transport/owning your own car/ moped/motorcycle/bicycle?
Lifestyle costs - going to the pub, eating out, cinema, foreign holidays.
If you can't afford to do everything you want, see if you can find a better paying job on

Other Research Topics
Insurance - what is it? What kinds of insurance are there?
Sickness and illness - do you still get paid? Does the government pay you if you are unable to work?
Critical illness and sickness insurance - why? What are the benefits?
Pets - positives and drawbacks?
Homelessness - where would you go for help?
Keeping healthy - how do you do this? What happens if you move away from home - new G.P.?
My World of Work - excellent resource - use it!

A Short History of Birth Control