S2 Merit Awards

S2 PSD Learning Outcomes

Topic - Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical Well-being Learning outcomes achieved

I know how to deal with

 a conscious casualty

 Choking

 An unconscious casualty includes recovery position

 A suspected heart attack

 Serious bleeding


I know there are people I can go to for support and how to contact them

I know strategies which will support me in challenging times, particularly in relation to change and loss

I recognise that everyone is unique and each has an equal place within our school and community

I am aware that I can make a positive difference to my school and community

I know the benefits and opportunities that taking part in extra curricular activities in school and the community brings

I know how to keep myself safe and reduce risk

I am aware of how to improve and manage my learning

Topic - Food and health


Learning outcomes achieved

To understand that choice of food can impact on health

Topic - Physical education, physical activity and sport
Learning outcomes achieved

I understand the importance of involvement in activities to contribute to my Health and Wellbeing

Topic - Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood

Learning outcomes achieved

I understand the importance of positive and appropriate relationships

I recognise the need for communication and boundaries within a relationship

I understand how to keep myself and others sexually safe

I am aware of the services available in my local area and how to access them

I understand the law in relation to sexual activity for young people

I am learning to understand what is appropriate sexual behaviour

Topic - Substance Misuse

Learning Outcomes Achieved

I know the physical and emotional effects of substances on the mind and body

I am aware of the consequences of misusing substances

I am aware of other pressures and how these can influence me and I am learning strategies to make informed choices

I know how to access information and support for substance- related issues

I know what action to take should an emergency related to substance misuse occur

I am aware of the legal consequences of the misuse of substances and know the impact this will have on my community.

Topic - Planning for Choices and Changes
Learning outcomes achieved
My World of Work

I am learning how to develop skills I will need for learning, life and work

I am gaining understanding of the relevance of my learning to future opportunities

I understand how making sensible choices helps me plan for a successful future

I am investigating different careers/occupations