S1 PSD Learning OutcomesBy the end of S1 PSD you should be able to make all of the following statements.

Topic 1 (August - November) Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical Well-being

Learning outcomes

I am learning to express my feelings, manage my emotions and understand and respect the feelings and emotions of others
I know there are people I can go to for support and how to contact them
I know it’s important to build good positive relationships with others
I know that different types of bullying exist and how to access help if needed
I am aware of my rights and responsibilities and respect the rights of others
I recognise that everyone is unique and each has an equal place within our school and community
I know the benefits and opportunities that taking part in extra curricular activities in school and the community brings
I am aware that I can make a positive difference to my school and community
I understand the value of friendship
I know how to keep myself safe and reduce risk


Topic - Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood
Learning outcomes
I understand the importance of positive and appropriate relationships
I recognise the need for communication and boundaries within a relationship
I understand my own body and the changes that occur during puberty
I know where to get support and help with situations involving abuse and I understand that there are laws that protect me


Topic - Food and Health

Learning outcomes
I understand how my choice of food can impact on my health
I know what to look for on food packaging to make a healthy choice

Topic - Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport

Learning outcomes
I understand the link between physical activity, food and my health and wellbeing


Topic - Substance misuse

Learning outcomes
I know the physical and emotional effects of substances on the mind and body
I am aware of the consequences of misusing substances
I am aware of other pressures and how these can influence me and I am learning strategies to make informed choices
I know how to access information and support for substance- related issues
I know what action to take should an emergency related to substance misuse occur
I am aware of the legal consequences of the misuse of substances and know the impact this will have on my community

Topic - Planning for choices and
Learning outcomes
I am learning how to develop skills I will need for learning, life and work
I am gaining understanding of the relevance of my learning to future opportunities
I understand how making informed choices helps me plan for a successful future
I am investigating different careers/occupations


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