Metacognition is when we think about how we think. Developing good metacognitive skills radically improves our ability to learn.

To prepare for writing your S3 Profile you need to consider how you learn. This might be completely different from the way your friends learn. Watch the videos on this page and complete the quizzes to help you think about your preferred learning styles.


Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic
Watch this video then complete the VAK Self Assessment Quiz to find out what type of learner you are.

Left Brain or Right Brain - Which best describes you?

Watch this video then complete the Left Brain, Right Brain Quiz to find out which side of your brain is working hardest.

Another good resource to help you think about how you learn is this short video - How We Learn, on Twig. You need to login to Glow to access this.

Do you make these mistakes when you think or argue about things?

Critical Thinking

If you are very brave you might want to watch this film that explains what is really going on between the left and right parts of our brains.